Wages and Salaries Surveys

Another survey genre that is in high demand.

In every industry there are variations in wages and / or salaries that are paid to employees.

Wages and salaries are the largest, or at least a significant, expense in most industries.

So HR personnel need to understand how their pay rates compare to others.

Astute managers usually want to know they are paying enough but also not too much.

Over-paying impacts on profits and not paying enough affects staff morale and longevity.

  • If you are in the restaurant industry - what are your waiters / waitresses being paid? What are head chefs being paid?
  • If you are employing tradesmen - what are carpenters, plumbers or electricians being paid?
  • What impact does 'experience' have on wages?
  • What imapct do 'job roles' have?

Your industry will have unique employment criteria - just chat with us at Benchmarking Solutions to help decide what would work for you.


See also Gender Pay Benchmarking - currently a very topical benchmarking area.


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