Profiles and Sub-profiles

Let's start with an example industry. We use the veterinary industry here because it was the first industry that used our benchmarking services over 12 years ago.

Veterinarians are typically one big happy family BUT the problem is they have all different groups within the family.

Some vets service cats and dogs, some cattle and horses, some service both, some specialise, some only service birds and so forth.

If we do a Fees Survey for example how can they make sure they are comparing their Fees to the correct peer group?

Simple - create a Profile Group - let's call it 'Type of Practice'.

Easy - now we had better decide on Sub-Profiles so each participant can choose which group they wish to belong to.

Guess what? We have already decided this on what we discussed three lines above! So let's give them a name:

  • Companion Animals Only
  • Mostly Companion Animals
  • Mixed Practice (means they do everything)
  • Production Animal
  • Equine Services
  • Avian Service

You might not know what these mean but the vets do and they are the ones doing the Fees Survey. They will just choose who they want to be compared to.

Your industry will be very different to the veterinarians but the principles are the same. What sort of groups occur within your 'big happy family'?

Show me some more suggestions.


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