Profile Groups

Profile Groups are one of the unique features on offer by Benchmarking Solutions.

Many industries can be like a 'big happy family' but like all families there are significant individual variations in the way they operate.

So for benchmarking to be truly effective, each participant needs to compare their own performane to similar family members.

For example: business performance or outcomes could be heavily influence by the style of the business activity. This could include prices charged, costs of production, general profitability, the way they do business and so forth.

These variations could be based on criteria like - Size of Operation, Type of Production/Service, Location of the Business, Type of Customers or even what State the Businesses operate in.

To cater for these variations BS allows Sponsors to specify suitable groups (Profiles) and groups within (Sub-profiles) so that csutomers / members can choose whom they wish to be benchmarked against.

Believe me - this is powerful stuff!

Look at an actual example of Profiles and Sub-Profiles

It may seem confusing to start but to be honest deciding on  Profiles and Sub-Profiles is an easy task once you understand what they are about.

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