Association benefits

How do Associations BENEFIT from Benchmarking Members?

It is absolutely true that businesses participating in performance benchmarking get enormous value from partaking.

What is often forgotten is that the major winner in providing data benchmarking is the association which delivers the opportunity in the first place.

Market Intelligence

Each member business will be submitting data to be shared via a benchmarking portal with other members.

Along with this they will enter profile information that represents the segments of the industry to whom they wish to compare.

Whilst individuals benefit from this...

Sharing business information

Anonymously Sharing Business Information

Anonymously sharing business information about a business’s performance can potentially deliver huge benefits for those participating.

The information being shared must be truly secure and also must be accurate and properly managed.

What is anonymous sharing?

In this day and age businesses have become very comfortable sharing confidential information.

This sharing is subject to two requirements:

Assurance that individual data will remain totally confidential. The participating business receives something they see as being valuable in return.

It is human...

Fees and Charges Surveys

Veterinarians Finish 14th Annual Fees Survey

The popular annual Fees Survey for veterinarians in Australia has just been completed.

MPV Consulting (our partner in the veterinary world) is again very happy with the outcome.

14th annual Fees Survey another success

We have again had a high participation rate with around 15% of all veterinary businesses taking part.

The survey included the 75 most commonly charged fees in the veterinary industry plus this year the 2018 Focus Supplement included the areas of Dental Radiography and Feline Specific Issues..

The feedback has been awesome and we thank...

Wages and salary benchmarking

Wages and salary benchmarking

Wages and salary benchmarking information is critical for business members and a great opportunity for associations to deliver. If Associations don’t deliver this information who will?

Should Associations Provide Employee Compensation Benchmarking?

Associations are in existence for many reasons but fundamentally associations have evolved to deliver what people or businesses are unable to deliver as individuals.

This will incorporate a range of activities from industry representation and political lobbying down to delivering information and services to the group...

Fees Surveys in Service Industries

Fees Surveys in Service Industries

The reality is that fees are the backbone of success for any business delivering services to others.

Utilising Fees Surveys to identify and charge the correct fee can mean the difference between a highly profitable business, a profitable business or a business that goes broke.

In service industries the fees being charged are the only source of revenue for the business. This means that getting fees right is absolutely critical.

If the fees are too low profitability will be affected. If fees are too high it may impact on the amount of business being...

Gender Pay Gap Surveys

Gender Pay Gap Surveys

According to OECD Statistics for Full-time employees the global Gender Pay Gap Surveys data shows on average a 15.5% gap.

This includes nationally: USA 17.9%, UK 17.5%, Australia 18.0% and New Zealand 5.6%

The definition used is: Full-time employees. The gender wage gap is unadjusted and defined as the difference between male and female median wages divided by the male median wages.

Reference: OECD Data

Gender Pay Gap Surveys

Most industries globally still have no idea how they are performing...