Who would be better placed to provide benchmarking solutions on financial matters than the accounting fraternity?

Benchmarking for Accountants & Financial Planners

Benchmarking for Accountants & Financial Planners

You are already dealing with the financial affairs of your business clients – so why not supply more?

Benchmarking Solutions can offer accountants & financial planning organisations the opportunity to improve services to their clients and build lifelong business relationships.

KEY BENEFITS for Accountants & Financial Planning include:

  • A platform – to turn existing financial information into benchmarks your clients can use as a performance management tool.
  • Client profiling - to allow your organisation the ability to connect a mixture of business clients into clearly definable groups to allow them to benchmark to other similar businesses.
  • Online portal – allowing your clients confidential access to integrated benchmark solutions at their convenience on a 24/7 basis.
  • Full business solution - enhance your traditional financial services by offering benchmarking to deliver a more comprehensive business package.

Key Benchmarking Options – deliver a fully customised benchmarking service or take advantage of our templated surveys which include Profit and Loss Surveys, KPI tracking, Business Growth Survey or any other benchmaking combination that you require.

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