Anyone can benchmark using our tools!

Benchmarking for Independent Groups

Any individual or group that has an interest in providing meaningful information to others will benefit from Benchmarking Solutions. You don’t have to be big, you don’t have to be experienced – you just need a desire to deliver accurate and valuable information to members, clients or customers. With Benchmarking Solutions anyone can benchmark.

KEY BENEFITS for Independent Groups include:

  • Benchmark anything – as long as the end results is a number, percentage or currency.
  • Client profiling – turn random clients into specific group entities so any member is comparing to a genuine 'peer' group
  • Online portal – for confidentiality of individual participants and privately to access and deliver integrated benchmarks results on a 24/7 basis.
  • Private downloads - where your organisation can deliver specific individual documents privately to any member
  • Full business solution – we allow you to easily and efficiently deliver full business solutions that address all aspects of day to day business

Key Benchmark Options – our fully customised benchmarking options allow your organisation to target specific information that you believe your members want or need. Take advantage of our templated surveys which include Profit and Loss Surveys, KPI tracking, Business Growth Survey and the like. For simplicity you have the option of amending these templates to your needs or alternatively you may prefer a fully customised solution.

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