The Process

Business Benchmarking Solutions provides benchmarking platforms so that organizations can deliver personally branded  benchmarking survey services to their clients.


You can literally benchmark anything!


Opinions, thoughts, direction, performance, logistics, fees & charges, employee remuneration packages or anything else that will add value to your clients.

Benchmarking Process
The graphical display above shows how a typical benchmarking event operates using the Benchmarking Solutions system. The ultimate goal is to provide the end user with the information they need without any fuss or bother. It is of key importance to Benchmarking Solutions that our sponsor receives full credit for the information provided. We are providing the tools for you to add value to your members.

The Phases

Phase 1 - Survey Design

This is the only phase that requires significant involvement from the sponsoring organisation. Input is necessary to decide on  benchmarking type and content. This can potentially be an intimidating prospect. Benchmarking Solutions have been doing this for many years and, whilst it may be new to your organisation, it is not new to us. We encourage your organisation to utilise our extensive experience, templates and other help to achieve the desired outcomes. Assistance can be anything from basic introductory advice right through to complete survey design. See Getting Started.

Phase 2 - Survey Creation

Benchmarking Solutions manages this phase completely. We may have some questions and / or input requirements from your organisation. BBS will provide a specific 'contact person' and ideally you do the same for efficient communication. Your organisations main job from here is to develop a plan for advertising and marketing of the benchmarking activity to ensure maximum value and participation for your members.

Phase 3 - The Survey

For sponsors is predominantly ongoing advertising & promotion, plus monitoring progress of the benchmark survey. Benchmarking Solutions will provide Portal Activity Monitoring tools to facilitate this process. Benchmarking Solutions will also continue high level background monitoring to ensure all goes smoothly. We will automatically send reminder notifications to those a little slow participating as agreed in with you in advance.

Phase 4 - The Results

Survey results are compiled by Benchmarking Solutions and reports (online or hardcopy) placed on each participants private portal. The participants are notified by email when they are available. During phase 4 sponsors have very little to do other than monitoring and communicating with members to gauge satisfaction and enhance value. One of the Portal Monitoring Tools available will be a dynamic report displaying displaying participant activity with reports.

Phase 5 - Post Survey

Phase 5 is the closing off phase and tidy up loose ends. Benchmarking Solutions will organize:

1. Post survey conference/meeting with the sponsor organisation to discuss the operation and outcomes of the survey

2. Post survey feedback is collected from participants

3. Delivery of Post- Survey Report Summary to sponsor organization

Minimal Contact is Good
A truly successful benchmarking program should work efficiently so that end users can participate and receive results without having to contact either Benchmarking Solutions or the sponsor. Our systems and processes are designed so that everything an end user could want or need to partake is available at their 'finger tips'. It is not uncommon for Benchmarking Solutions to deliver a complete survey to several hundred users and receive no clarification or technical questions at all. For the rare occassion that this occurs our staff will usually resolve the issue promptly.

The Sponsors Role

Good survey design means sponsors primary task is 'selling the concept' to end users and answering simple questions about how, when, where and why for the survey. If technical issues, arise simply refer them to Benchmarking Solutions for prompt attention.