Benchmarking Examples

Give Me Some Benchmarking Examples!

Simple Surveys

Just ask a simple question with a straight forward answer.

Easy to understand, easy to participate, obvious value!

Fees Survey

A very popular example of a Simple Survey is a Fees Survey.

Used extensively in service industries where fee for service situations exist but is a valuable resource in any industry.

Every business likes to know what competitors or peers are charging for similar, or identical, products or services.

Fee positioning is an important element of business strategy - so accessing accurate fee benchmarking is critical.

A popular survey and easy implement.

Other Simple Survey examples may include: Pricing Surveys, Purchase Analysis, Business Metrics Analysis, Margins Benchmarking

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Advanced Surveys

A slightly more sophisicated benchmarking option that facilitates more intensive analysis.

An enormous range of formulas from basic calculations right through to complex analysis procedures can be applied to data entries.

Profit & Loss Survey

Benchmarking Profit & Loss Reports is arguably the most valuable survey option for any business - a true indicator of business performance.

To ensure all participants are comparing identical statistics, adjustments can be made to data and formulas applied.

Ensure Directors are correctly paid for work performed, adjust Rent for owner-occupied, add back Interest Payments, add back Fringe Benefits and more.

With correct survey design, standard P&L Reports can be amended using our tools to reflect 'true' performance.

Benchmarking Solutions Advanced Surveys are a powerful and accurate benchmarking opportunity.

Other Advanced Surveys may include: Growth Comparisons, Operational Performance Benchmarking, Hybrid Surveys.

To achieve optimal outcomes consider using our Survey Design Service - don't forget we do this every day.

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Growth Survey

One of the quickest and easiest survey genres to implement.

A small number of straight forward data entries can produce an enormous range of possibilities.

  • Compare an individuals historical growth rates within the industry.
  • Provide attractive graphical revenue projections for 3, 5 or 10 years based on past performance.
  • Compare historical growth rates and future projections with peer groups using our unique Business Profiles.
  • Compare your industry and individual members to a variety of national business indexes

Growth Surveys are not limited to Revenue Growth!

Compare growth in - Staffing Ratios, Sector Performance, Costs of Production, Margin Changes, Wages Growth.

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Repeating Line Surveys

If you have a complex benchmark that potentially has multiple answers then you need our Repeating Line Survey.

This is a unique development that allows benchmarking possibilities not previously available.

Wages & Salary Survey

Wages & Salaries are a classic example of a Repeating Line Survey.

One employment category could have multiple employees with different levels of experience, variable employment status or classification type.

This option allows multiple responses to the same question.

If we don't allow enough data entry lines to start your participants just click Add Row and can make as many entries as required.

This is a powerful survey option that is unique to Benchmarking Solutions.

Every business globally needs to know what pay rates are appropriate for their industry.

Other Repeating Line Surveys examples may include: Gender Pay Gap Analysis, Employee Related Benchmarking, or any other KPI that may have multiple possibilities.

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