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Benchmarking for Member Associations

In a digital world industry bodies must stay up to date with new trends or risk decline and possible extinction. Benchmarking Solutions offers a new opportunity for associations to remain at the helm of the industry by becoming information leaders.

KEY BENEFITS for Associations include:

  • Delivery on expectations - meet member’s expectations by delivering low cost research with high value outcomes.
  • Purpose designed surveys – to identify and demonstrate industry trends and best practice outcomes specifically for your industry.
  • Complete management – the reality is that most Associations do not have the expertise to deliver comprehensive benchmarking programs. We offer you the opportunity to outsource this advanced technology so that your members receive value and your organisation delivers on expectations using a program totally managed by experts in the field.
  • Portal confidentiality – ensuring information on the members private portal can only be accessed or viewed by those with permission.

Key Benchmark Options – deliver on expectations as well as the unexpected. Wages and Salaries Surveys, Fees and Pricing Surveys, Industry Growth Surveys, Staff and People Benchmarking. Using our Template Benchmarking options along with our full Benchmarking Management choice will make for easy implementation.

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