About Benchmarking Solutions


Who is Business Benchmarking Solutions?

Our Company

Business Benchmarking Solutions is an IT company that is dedicated to delivering benchmarking solutions to businesses and associations (sponsors) who deal with other businesses.

It is our firm belief that the most valuable service any organization can deliver to its members is critical and up to date information about daily business activities.

This key information helps solve the day to day issues faced by members.

Offering anonymous but direct performance comparisons to equivalent business groups is at the heart of our comprehensive solutions.

Our Solution

We deliver a total benchmarking solution where we help, and manage, the process from the design phase right through to the delivery of results and beyond.

It means sponsoring organizations can deliver critical information to their members that requires virtually no management by the sponsor.

The BBS system offers the following key features:

  • Totally customizable
  • Personalized reports for each individual participant
  • Inbuilt capability to perform simple or complex calculations on data entries
  • A wide range of proven templates for commonly used benchmarking surveys
  • A cloud-based system that can be accessed by sponsors and participants from any global location

Delivery Mechanism

The cloud-based system BBS has developed is a proven system that has been functioning on an operational basis for several years.

It is, optionally, branded by the sponsor for marketing purposes.

Business managers can anonymously enter information about their businesses for benchmarking purposes. This would include maintaining account information and profiles, participation in benchmarking surveys, collection and storage of results plus more.

These portals are operated on an ethical basis that is clearly outlined in our Privacy Policy available on our website.

The Concept of Profiling

Whilst members of every industry may be broadly similar, the reality is that every industry has a variety of sub-cultures.

This of course means that benchmarking of specific business items would only be effective if a business can compare themselves to other groups within the same, or similar, sub-cultures.

To resolve this problem BBS has developed the concept of ‘profile groups’.

These profiles, and associated sub-profiles, are defined by sponsoring organizations based on industry needs.

Participating members can then select the groups with which they identify and subsequently benchmark themselves against.

Our Promise

It is our promise to deliver a benchmarking solution for an organization to deliver to its members that is:

  1. Customised to the sponsors needs
  2. Deliver a high standard, member focussed report to each participating group
  3. Provide the outcomes that the sponsor wishes to achieve
  4. Work to ensure that all stakeholders are more than satisfied with the entire process and outcome