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Can we use our own email delivery system?

The answer to this is – probably! Reason being is that we don’t know what email delivery system you use. We are trying to expand our options here so if you use a mainstream email service chances...

How do we easily transfer our member information into your Private Portal?

There are three options here:

  1. You can enter the participant manually. Obviously not a great option due to the amount of manual work – but it is still an option.  We give you access to
  2. ...
What are typical period for critical date ranges?

This depends largely on the nature of the benchmarking survey that you are proposing.

If, for example,  you provide a regular survey with regular participants (for example tracking KPI’s...

What are critical dates? (Opening, Closing, Results and Buffer)

There is mention of critical dates with survey opening dates, closing dates, buffer periods(?) and results dates. I am not sure what all this means. Can you brief explain?

When benchmarking...

Do we have to 'brand' a survey as ours or can we make it a 'non-branded' survey?

You mention frequently in the literature about ‘branding’ the benchmarking surveys with our logos etc. For confidentiality reasons our clients would prefer to see the benchmarking to be...

Can you suggest a simple (but valuable) survey to introduce our members to benchmarking?

Our association would like to progress with a full benchmarking program over the next couple of years. We would however prefer to start with a ‘soft entry’ to get a feel for the whole process. Can...

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