Can you suggest a simple (but valuable) survey to introduce our members to benchmarking?

Our association would like to progress with a full benchmarking program over the next couple of years. We would however prefer to start with a ‘soft entry’ to get a feel for the whole process. Can you suggest a survey that would allow this approach but still be of value to our members?

I am not quite sure what industry you are in so if you let me know I could perhaps offer more suggestions. But in the mean-time the Industry Growth Survey is a templated benchmark survey that is very popular as an introduction. All businesses revel in seeing how their growth compares to their peers. In its simplest form, you can ask 4-5 basic questions on revenue over a period (could be years, quarters, months or whatever you choose) and the system calculates growth on the data entry sheet, produces a graph of performance and projects future revenue based on past growth. This displays at data entry time and is very impressive! The survey results at the end showing how each business compares to their peers tends to be ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak. This survey option is easy to implement, non-confronting, informative and generates a taste for more! If you email your contact details to we can send more information.