If you are a business that supplies products or services to other businesses, then you can offer your clients more.

Benchmarking for Business 2 Business

It does not matter what product or service you sell, you need to build an ongoing relationship with your customers.  If you can help your members better understand their own business performance, what drives their competitors and help grow their businesses they will become customers for life.

KEY BENEFITS for Business 2 Business include:

  • Value adding – by offering benchmarking opportunities to improve their business.
  • Deliver beyond expectation – deliver services well beyond what your customers were expecting.
  • Branding – we deliver the tools but critically all portals, research and results branded with your logos.
  • Online portal – to allow your members to confidentially and conveniently access entry and results whenever they wish on a 24/7 basis.
  • Generic knowledge - use the general industry knowledge gained from benchmarking to engage your clients on industry-specific trends and opportunities.
  • Complete survey management – we offer you the opportunity to outsource this advanced technology so that your customers receive high value. We manage the whole process from beginning to end. Your organisation focusses on promotion and ensuring maximum leverage is gained with your clients.

Key Benchmarking Options – simple off the shelf proven templates are a good starting point with Industry Growth Surveys, Pricing and/or Fees Survey or similar options. Progress to more sophisticated options if, and when, you are more confident such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Cost Control, Financial Performance.

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