Business Consultant's mantra:

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!”

Perhaps an alternative?

We measure it, you manage it!”

Benchmarking for Business Consultants

We measure it and you manage it - the perfect outcome.

Objectively comparing performance to a standard is the only way businesses can truly identify strengths and weaknesses. Benchmarking Solutions provides consultants and business analysts with the ultimate benchmarking tools to facilitate efficiency, performance and best practice to your clients.
With capability of full customisation and branding of the package to your needs, you will not only deliver accurate statistics but you will also deliver high perceived value at a modest cost. 

KEY BENEFITS for Business Consultants include:

  • Full customisation – offer personalised performance benchmarking specific to your client’s business and industry.
  • Branding – we deliver the tools but critically all portals, research and results branded with your logos.
  • In-depth analysis – using our dynamic online graphs and data sets or alternatively use our hardcopy reports option.
  • Recurrent content benchmarks - track client performance over days, weeks, months or even years to follow long term analysis and projections. Offer a clear competitive advantage.
  • Private downloads – where your organisation can privately store and deliver individual documents that you have specifically tailored for individual clients.
  • Online portal – for accessing and delivery of integrated benchmarks results that your clients can access confidentially on a 24/7 basis. This can include a private download area where you can store specific reports or documented advice for your individual clients.

Key Benchmarking Options – KPI Tracking, Financial Benchmarking, Performance, Production/Distribution Benchmarking. Templated and/or fully customised solutions.






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