Four Unique Features

More businesses are discovering the power of benchmarking using our unique tools.

1. Cohort Groups

This is arguably the most powerful feature of our system. Every business is different and whilst many industries and groups are similar there are significant distinctions separating members into smaller clusters. Benchmarking Solutions uses customised cohort groups to breakdown larger groupings in to smaller peer groups thus allowing businesses to be tracked against identical competitors as well as the whole industry.

Our most popular cohort group options include (but are not limited to):

  • Business type
  • Product or service type
  • National location
  • Regional location
  • Business size
  • Socio-economic groups
  • Business specialities

2. Interactive Graphics & 'What If' Analysis

Managers wish to see how they have performed specifically. So what they are looking for are tools that allow them to see precisely where they stand in a group. This is where interactive reports are an essential component of any decent benchmarking service.

Interactive reports allow users to compare their performance to cohort groups, look at overrall performance and use the powerful BBS 'what if' analysis tool.

The 'What If' analysis tools allow participants to view a potential scenario based on an assumption that they had recorded a different result. This tool is enormously valuable in performance and financial benchmarking.

3. Becoming a Benchmarking Sponsor

Your organization can create an entire survey or benchmarking system that is completely under your own branding.

We call this a 'sponsor' but what it means is you have the opportunity to deliver survey or benchmarking services to your clients.

We provide the tools, you run the show, decide the questions and take the credit.

4. Members Secure Portals

Our member secure portal provides a direct pathway for members to engage effortlessly in participation and results. Designed specifically to work alongside your clients connecting them to the process is the key to client satisfaction.  All our services include:

Member secure portals – allow your clients to access a totally private area where they can upload data, access reports and manage their accounts with complete privacy.

And the great news is that they can go back through historical reports that are stored indefinitely.