Four Unique Features

More businesses are discovering the power of benchmarking using our unique tools.

1. Member Profiling

This is arguably the most powerful feature of our system. Every business is different and whilst many industries and groups are similar there are significant distinctions separating members into smaller clusters. Benchmarking Solutions uses customised profiles to breakdown larger groupings in to smaller peer groups thus allowing businesses to be tracked against identical competitors as well as the whole industry.

Popular profile list options include (but are not limited to):

  • Business type
  • Product or service type
  • National location
  • Regional location
  • Business size
  • Socio-economic groups
  • Business specialities

2. Adding Value through Innovation

The new focus of benchmarking is ‘adding value’ to business customers and industry members. Businesses need quality information to thrive and benchmarking is a key tool to help satisfy this need. Benchmarking Solutions allows your organisation the opportunity to take advantage of this innovation and provide ‘added value’ to your clients.

You can provide easy solutions to everyday problems.

A key aspect of this value offering is ensuring the whole benchmarking system is perceived to be delivered by your company. Benchmarking Solutions provide a mechanism to allow your brand to be clearly displayed on all client communications and portals. 

3. Dynamic Benchmarking

Adhering to the ‘traditional benchmarking standards’ is no longer a restraint. Benchmarking Solutions offers you the ability to measure literally anything. This combined with our internal calculation capability means the outcome possibilities are limitless.

Our Survey Package Templates are an easy introduction to understand what needs to be measured but these can be modified to suit any industry need.

4. Members Private Portal

Our members private portal provides a direct pathway for members to engage effortlessly in participation and results. Designed specifically to work alongside your clients connecting them to the process is the key to client satisfaction.  All our services include:

  • Members private portal – a unique and secure login allows individual businesses easy online access to all survey activity. This access includes a gateway to: surveys, graphs, results and other resources.
  • Confidentiality of portal data – concerns over confidentiality of submissions is a major issue for many potential users. Our system has inbuilt security options that can be applied depending on the sensitivity of information and ensuring confidentiality. Your clients are assured that their information will be viewed ONLY by those that have permission to do so.
  • Portal activity monitor – as a sponsor your organisation will have full access to our tools for monitoring the engagement of your members. This includes ability to monitor client access frequency and number of log ins, dates, times, surveys opened and much more.