Veterinarians Finish 14th Annual Fees Survey

The popular annual Fees Survey for veterinarians in Australia has just been completed.

MPV Consulting (our partner in the veterinary world) is again very happy with the outcome.

14th annual Fees Survey another success

We have again had a high participation rate with around 15% of all veterinary businesses taking part.

The survey included the 75 most commonly charged fees in the veterinary industry plus this year the 2018 Focus Supplement included the areas of Dental Radiography and Feline Specific Issues..

The feedback has been awesome and we thank those practice managers who have taken the time to send us a note expressing their enthusiasm for the survey.

Already we are planning next years survey with suggestion for the 2019 Focus Supplement that include Dental Specialties, more options for Complete Case Scenarios and a focus on fees charged for various Pathology Services.

Over the next few months we will decide on the most appropriate focus area for 2019.

Influence of new technology on the Fees Survey

The veterinary industry in Australia, and for that matter globally, has been going through significant change over the past 10 years.

This is typical of most medically related industries.

The problem here is that with higher levels of technology veterinarians are having to expand their range of fees.

The largest expansion areas have been in the medical imaging and pet dentistry fields.

When these new fees charges initiate there is a lot of discussion on what charges are appropriate for the service.

Keeping in mind the legal restrictions surrounding colluding on fees and charges, the Fees Survey has proven highly popular in assisting practice manager’s resolve the dilemma of what to charge.

The Fees Survey delivered unbiased, anonymous and legally acceptable fees comparisons.

Understanding how other businesses see value in a service is very helpful for any manager deciding what they need to charge.

Veterinary profiles in the Fees Survey

Even though the public perception of the veterinary industry is that is ‘it is one big happy family’ the reality is that there is an enormous variation in type and style of practice.

Metropolitan practices charge more than their rural counterparts, variations occur between states and so forth.

BBS allows veterinary practices to define whom they wish to compare with based on profiles for State, Regional Location, Size or Practice, Type of Practice and Socio-economic Status.

This has meant that when comparing fees each veterinary practice manager can clearly view how they compare to their own ‘peer group’.

It really means comparing ‘an apple to an apple’ so to speak.

Looking for other industries wishing to provides Fees Surveys

BBS research has shown that Fees Surveys are the most popular survey according to members of associations.

They are the backbone of any ‘fee for service’ industry and create enormous value on the proviso that participates are comparing their fees with other similar, or identical, organisations.

The Fees Surveys are relatively simple to implement, requires minimal administration and delivers enormous value to members.

BBS is looking to partner with organizations and associations globally who wish to provide this service opportunity to their members.

Please contact our Sales Director at for more information or just for a chat about what we can offer.

We would be very happy to deliver an online demonstration to your organization anywhere globally.

Information courtesy of our partner MPV Consulting



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