How do we easily transfer our member information into your Private Portal?

There are three options here:

  1. You can enter the participant manually. Obviously not a great option due to the amount of manual work – but it is still an option.  We give you access to our database and someone enters the accounts manually. Really all we need is a business name, a contact person, a confidential email (you can enter all account details if you want, just trying to save everyone time). Our system will automatically generate account names, account access names (users email) and access passwords. With this we have enough information to email the client directing them to complete the My Account specifics.
  2. Importing member database – a much easier option - just provide us with csv file of all potential members with account details etc and we import to our system. Simple and easy!
  3. Link databases – this is an option if your organization is comfortable with the concept. Basically we link our Private Portal to your CRM system. If you plan to be a regular benchmark survey participant this is often the easiest option. It means that whenever member details on your system are updated they automatically update on our system too.