Promote and Add Value

Having spend time, effort and investment in your benchmarking venture it is imperative that your organisation gains full value.

Benchmarking is always more successful and satisfying for the sponsor when a high level of participation is achieved. Promotion is key to this success.

Our recommendations for a successful benchmarking program would include:

  1. A plan of action - this can be as simple or as complex as you like. It is important that all involved know what is happening
  2. Sales staff - ensure they are all on board and understand the goals. Not only will this help with higher participation, it will also help minimise queries.
  3. Preliminary promotion - the most successful sponsors tend to advise clients and members of the impending benchmarking surveys well before they actually Open.
  4. Sources of promotion - you are the experts here. Social media is a great avenue along with traditional paths. Sources should include websites, Facebook, newsletters, blogs, Instagram and of course your sales staff.

Benchmarking Solutions can provide additional promotional support using our automated email facility. These reminders can optionally be branding with your organisations logo if required.


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