Gender Pay Surveys

A very topical issue!

It seems that globally the issue of Gender Pay has become a hot topic.

Benchmarking Solutions can offer a selection of benchmarking survey Templates to allow any industry association or business affiliate the opportunity to collate detail on this sensitive topic.

By accurately benchmarking this issue your organisation will allow members / customers access to facts rather than opinions based on media hype.

We will help to ensure that your survey design  is truly 'comparing an apple to an apple' - this is a critical component of ensuring accurate results.

As a Sponsor you will benefit greatly in understanding this issue within your industry.

Each participant will receive a confidential report on how their company has performed by comparison with the rest of the industry.

The process of benchmarking gender related issues can range from basic to quite complex options. It is your choice.

As with most benchmarking surveys we have a number of Survey Templates to make this as simple as possible.

By the way:

This benchmarking genre is not limited solely to pay related issues. Gender benchmarking may include:

  • Role positions
  • Working hours
  • Type of employment
  • Or whatever you feel is appropriate


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