Survey Design

Consider if you wish to design this survey yourself of if you would like to utilise the Benchmarking Solutions experience and/or use our Survey Design Service.

Our input can be anything from simply advice right through to full survey design management.

Obviously there will be costs associated depending on the level of design input but the costs of good survey design will be far outweighed by the benefits and value that is delivered to your customers / members in the end.

It is important to remember that once a specific survey is created for your organisation, this survey can then be replicated for years to come without further design costs.

The Importance of Survey  Design

  • To an end user the clarity and simplicity of any survey question is key to their understanding of what is required
  • Inputs cannot be ambiguous, they need to clearly define what is required
  • Questions supported by clear headings, explanatory notes and 'hover'instructions help enormously
  • Utilising scenarios are a good way to ask a question that may potentially have different interpretations for different participants

Our experience at Benchmarking Solutions can help immensely when desiging survey content. Ask us!


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