Monitor Portal Activity

Benchmarking Solutions will provide your organisation with our standard Portal Monitoring Tools.

Your members / customers confidential data entries are secured as per our Privacy Policy.

Our sponsors have access to track information on the activities the members / customers.

Activity tracking includes:

  • Dates, times and frequency of portal access by individual members / customers
  • Dates and times that participants changed account information (includes username ID)
  • Report of first time access to any given survey
  • Report on surveys accessed and participated in by members / customers (if multiple surveys exist)
  • Access to Participation vs Downloaded Report. Identifying if and when participants have accessed survey results
  • Current and historical activity - when participants review surveys previously completed reported in the past.
  • Access for sponsors to change account details for participants
  • Ability for sponsor to 'direct' email members / customers from administration system (includes confidential email for user name and password)

NOTE: it is not necessary for sponsors to maintain high levels of monitoring. Benchmarking Solutions routinely monitors portal activity and, when necessary, advises the sponsor on important portal activity issues.


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