Basic Queries

Once your benchmarking survey is up and running there is very little effort required from a Sponsor.

Your members / customers may need reassurance or clarification on various aspects of the benchmarking survey.

As a Sponsor you will need to provide a basic contact option for clarification on the 'what, how, why or when'. of the survey.

This help is typically elementary in nature and is generally on fairly mundane issues that are easily answered.

Needless to say, if a technical issue arises please refer it on to our Benchmarking Support staff.

Good promotional documentation will usually minimise the need for support.

Benchmarking Solutions will support Sponsors with:

  • A private portal that is intuitive with appropriate instructions on how to use
  • An automated email reminder system to participants that will included links to the private portal along with passwords
  • A technical helpdesk should any technical issues arise.


Need more help or ideas?

Contact Us or use the Live Chat Option at the base of your screen. Benchmarking Solutions has done this many times before. We are eager to help.


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