Manual Entry

For various reasons some Sponsors may prefer not to supply member/customer details in CSV format for automatic importation.

If this is the case we can offer options for manual data entry.

Manual entry can be from basic simple inputs such as contact name & email only right through to comprehensive input of multiple contact details.

Manual entry is facilitated using the Portal Access Management Tools.

Once an account is set up it is standard practice to email the new user to invite them to update the My Account section prior to survey commencement.

Example: One of the simplest methods of manual data entry is to enter a contact name and email address only. An option exists to then 'invite' your member/customer to access the portal and complete the rest of their details.

If you choose this simple option and wish to 'invite' your members to complete the My Account, then don't forget that you can supply Benchmarking Solutions with a CSV and we will do it all for you!


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