Supply Member Details for Portal

In order for participants to use the Benchmarking Solutions private portal we do need to import, or at least set up a system, whereby the End Users private log in details are set up in My Account.

To facilitate this process we have come up with a number of option for Account creation.

Key considerations when setting up My Accounts include:

  • End Users are guaranteed data privacy as per our Privacy Policy
  • End Users may choose to operate separate account contact details to what sponsors have in CRM systems
  • End Users may wish to create/change user names and passwords for access to the private portal even after set up
  • Benchmarking Solutions allows for multiple profile groups whereby Sponsors choose the profile options but End Users can then decide which profile selections best suit their needs. See Unique Features

So My Account set up has the following options available:

  1. Importation of End User details
  2. Manual input of End User details by End Users
  3. Manual input of End User details by Sponsor
  4. Direct link of Benchmarking Solutions portals to Sponsors CRM system

Note: once a portal account is set up your members/customers will have access to modify, change or update the My Account section. This includes ability to change profiles, usernames & passwords, preferred contacts etc.


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