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Obviously every industry is completely different so it is important that Profiles and Sub-Profiles are produced that suit your industry and your members / customers.

Restaurants will have different needs to Manufacturers, Farmers will have different need to Financial Industry.

Even so some general principals may apply.

Remember the number of Profiles and Sub-Profiles are unlimited (survey cost does vary with the number of profiles and sub-profiles utilised)

Common Profiles include::

  • Type or Style of Business
  • Size of the Business - which can utilise any criteria (e.g. turnover, staff numbers etc)
  • Location of the Business - City, State, County and / or Regional Locations (or combination)
  • Socio-Economics of Customers
  • Level of Experience
  • As a sponsor you can create any Profiles that are suited to your industry

For example - a survey of :

  • Bus Operators -  may depend on the Types and Sizes of the buses they operate, the State they operate in, number of Drivers
  • Farming - may depend on type of Cropping choices, Type of Animal Production, Size of Farms, etc. Manufacturing may be similar.
  • Financial Groups - may depend on Style of Services Offered, Wealth of Client Base, Number of Advisors, Regional Location, Socio-economic Status of Clients.
  • Restuarants - may depend on Style of Catering, Location, Number of Seats, Type of Facility, Opening Hours.

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